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Creative Gathering - what does it mean?

When I did my first event, back in 2009 - my big hangup was that not everyone scrapbooked.  We had cardmakers, we had people making these elaborate books, or lacy banners, I had a friend who just wanted to come and organize her photos (scrapbooking just scared her!)  so I thought well, it's not really a crop in a sense, it is a gathering of extremely creative people!  So that was the name; "Creative Gathering"  I know, it's a bit of a mouthful (often we do shorten it to CG) but that's what it is, an event geared to the creative side in all of you who attend - I am always so excited to see what you are working on, you all inspire me to create!  Honestly I wish I could just sit down with you...but then who would make sure that you all have coffee and tea, and snacks and food and of course make sure you have a fun time:-)  
I have a few ladies who have been coming since that very first one - honestly you honor me!!  Thanks for standing by as our event grows and gets better every year!    Hopefully we will see you at the SPRING Creative Gathering!